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The Safari Retreat by Becky Robertson is perfect for adventurous, busy, soul searching, ambitious, inquisitive travellers who want to up-level through an incredible safari experience.

Everything inside The Safari Retreat has been created to help you get to your higher self, whether that's ticking off your bucket list, reaching new heights in your business, wellness or health, spending time on holiday with your partner, children & family or meeting new friends on safari.

The way it works is simple – sign up and immerse into some of the best lodges & wildlife experiences in Kenya, with retreats hosted by professional wellness & business leaders & teachers.
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Our Story:
We believe in the perfect safari getaway.
But we know Africa is not an easy place to navigate. That’s why we’ve created The Safari Retreat by Becky Robertson - a fresh new travel company focused on unforgettable, personal and bespoke trips to some of Africa’s most beautiful unique locations. And we truly believe this untapped retreat territory. 
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What People Are Saying:
"Our first time to Kenya, our first time in Africa and 5 nights at Lewa Wilderness - it wildly exceeded all expectations."

- Murray & Lois
One of Kenya's original lodges, Lewa Wilderness is situated on the edge of one of Kenya’s most private wildlife and environmental conservation projects, the wildlife-rich Lewa provides guests a home-away-from-home experience that’s hard to find these days.

"Book immediately!
Honestly one of the most magical places on earth. It’s beautiful and the staff are incredibly friendly and kind and so helpful!"
- Rosanna
Specialising in sustainable travel, adventure and wildlife safaris, El Karama is particularly suited to families and small private groups who love the natural world and who care about their impact on this planet. The ultimate re-wildling experience.

"If you want an exclusive, intimate and close-up safari experience, go there! If I could give it 6 stars, I would!"

- Colin
Ekorian’s Mugie Camp offers the freedom to rekindle the soulful relationship we each have with the wild to bring you an organic, authentic safari,
Ekorian fuses sustainability,
and comfort with responsibility.

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You want to go on a top class safari.
You’re looking to up-level your business, health or wellness.
You’re ready for a deeper connection to yourself and your purpose.
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